current distractions

Vivado HLS

Open Source Tool Chains


Using the IceStorm Tools to actually run the verilog code on a Lattice chip

Figuring out how to actually interface Serially with those tests

writing a Uart test bench in COCOTB to learn cocotb, and the verilog, and github.

Docker to encapsulate trying something instead of having to mess up my machine to try something.

OS digital design folks on twitter

Thinking about doing another language usage survey since the last one was 3 years ago.

You know how this goes

You've read blogs and personal projects before. You know this page is here to be updated infrequently saying "Holy Moly it's been a while, but I'm back now for real!". Well, here's my "I'm back now for real" post for this batch. 

Verilog is what I'm working on now. It's going slower, and I've written up a lot of stuff already so I should probably break that up into multiple posts. Also, I moved, so that's part of my lists of excuses too. 

EDIT: Did I say I had a lot of stuff already? hmm. Only if 2 paragraph's counts as a lot. Commence slowly climbing up the hill with the boulder I guess. 

So it's rolling

I'm still figuring out how to get things formatted the way I want, but I've added 2 real pieces to the site so far. I think I'll have to add some more to more easily figure out how to get everything situated correctly, but that seems pretty doable. Right now it looks a little like each thing will end up having to be a "blog post" for SquareSpace to understand how I want to be able to display them in groups, which feels a little lame since I agree with Jan Decaluwe that most of the stuff I'm writing feels like it should have more long lasting life than a date coded blog post.  It's a little funny running into that link mid creation of the site since he announces his own webpage platform, but I still expect it would be more hands on in the guts of the webpage design than SquareSpace is. As long as I can hide the time stamp, I'll probably be able to get along with making everything be a blog.