I design FPGAs for a living, and love it. Let me share some of that with you. 


I'm going to explore a little bit about FPGAs and a lot about the variety of languages out there that you can use to design them. 


About FPGAs

What I do is so specific, and so technical, it's pretty hard to describe. But I really want to be give it a try whether you're a 5th grader just interested in technology, an adult just trying to get through hello's without being bored, a software person who is interested in some of the bare metal, or another chip designer. Probably, start HERE 



Unlike software, there aren't a lot of different popular languages out there for computer chip design. But every couple years, another one comes out with a slightly different target audience or purpose in existing. I'll take a look at some of the ones I find interesting and see how they work, and a little about how they compare.  

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